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    Hard strength, rely on their own-mountain working machinery special forces training camp season 5 and 2023 mecha soldier King Challenge concluded successfully

    Article source:The station Upload time:2023-07-05

    On June 27-30, 2023, the fifth season of the Mountain Machinery Special Forces Training Camp and the 2023 Robot King Challenge were successfully held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. 44 elite athletes from all over the country gathered together, not only to enhance their skills and cooperation in training, but also to show extraordinary Hard power in competition.
    At the welcome banquet, Shangong Machinery's global sales Gu Anjie, Vice President of Marketing and Channel, sent greetings and blessings through video: We hope to showcase the diverse demeanor and excellent skills of operators from all over the world through organizing special forces training camps. A deep understanding of your operational style and equipment requirements will help us develop better products and services. Thank you for your long-term attention, trust, and support of the Shangong Machinery brand! We look forward to your outstanding skills, skills, and style in various challenges
    This quarter's special forces training camp activities continue the previous training models, carrying out systematic training that combines theory and practice, and adopting a comprehensive militarization mode in organizational and management forms to comprehensively improve the theoretical and skill levels of students. Through a series of fun and vibrant activities such as morning exercises, theoretical/maintenance training, beach expansion, interactive games, and operational experiences, the students have improved their personal skills, enhanced mutual understanding, strengthened their sense of teamwork, and gained team friendship.
    In the Robot King Challenge, a series of machine operations and tasks were conducted, such as filling bridges, crossing obstacles, building trenches/backfilling, and leveling slopes, to test the contestants' operational skills, speed, accuracy, and ability to freely operate various types of mountain machinery equipment. After multiple intense rounds of competition, a team champion, as well as the mech king champion, runner up, and third place were ultimately born. Xie Qiufeng, Channel Manager of Shangong Machinery China, Wang Guoli, Brand and Marketing Manager of Shangong Machinery, and Tang Lin, Product Marketing Manager of Shangong Machinery, presented awards to the winners.
    With the end of the award ceremony dinner, the fifth season of the Mountain Machinery Special Forces Training Camp has come to a successful end, and the students' spirit of hard work, team cohesion, and like-minded friendship will always be included in this season's training camp. At the same time, the students were also impressed by the performance of the national four equipment of Shandong Machinery. For the equipment they tested, whether loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, Grader, they all said that they had a very good experience, very comfortable, stable performance, easy to use, flexible operation, strong strength, fast speed... Only you can't think of it without it, I believe that Shandong Machinery will succeed!
    Shangong Machinery is one of Caterpillar's important product brands. We are committed to providing services and support to the rapidly growing global customer base. The brand products of Shangong Machinery include loader, bulldozer, roller and Grader. We will continue to research and develop new products according to customer needs, and provide domestic and overseas customers with good quality, high security and more affordable products and services with "reliable Hard power".